How to Safely Move Into a New Home During COVID-19

How to Safely Move Into a New Home During COVID-19

Whether it’s a beautiful new apartment, or your very first home, moving is an exciting moment in anyone’s life! Of course, it can also bring its share of stressors — especially during COVID-19, which has changed every aspect of life, including moving day. Fortunately, with the help of Sanitized Cleaning Solutions’ disinfectant cleaning services, Daytona Beach residents (and those moving to the surrounding area) can count on a safe, smooth process ahead. Just read on for a few of our top tips.

Enlist The Help Of Sanitized Cleaning Solutions And The SteraMist™ System

When moving into a new space, a clean environment can grant you much-needed peace of mind — however, we’re not just talking about a sparkling surface clean here. These days, you want to be sure that any space you and your family are occupying is free of viruses, bacteria, and anything that might make you sick. This is where Sanitized Cleaning Solutions comes in. With the help of the revolutionary SteraMist™ system, we can ensure a deep clean that destroys (and doesn’t simply displace) disease-causing agents from a wide variety of surfaces. It can also help remediate the common problem of mold and mildew! The secret is the SteraMist™’s Binary Ionization Technology®, through which a 7.8% Hydrogen Peroxide solution is ionized and spread as a fine fog through your new home. There’s nothing to wipe away or worry about reaching kids, pets, and family members, making this a safe, worry-free alternative to harsher, more traditional methods. Start your life in a new space on a truly clean, blank canvas!

Know Where To Bring Unwanted Clothes And Other Items

Donating unwanted clothes, books, toys, tools, and other items is a common part of moving — however, due to COVID-19, your go-to place to donate may be operating on a different set of rules or schedule. Check with your spot ahead of time to avoid a wasted trip, or potentially look for new causes that could benefit from your gently used goods!

Consider Your Moving Professionals

Depending on the size of your move and the ability of friends or family to help, you may need to enlist the help of professional movers. Because moving often also means setting up cable, internet, and other services, you may have many people coming in and out of your home during this time, too. Not only is this a perfect reason to enlist the help of SteraMist™ and Sanitized Cleaning Solutions, but it is also an opportunity to be thoughtful about how you schedule your moving services. For example, staggering appointments and deliveries so that only one professional or team is in your space at a time, is a courteous practical move that your vendors will appreciate!

We hope that these ideas help you achieve a happy, stress-free move in the weeks or months ahead! Even after COVID-19, Sanitized Cleaning Solutions can help keep you and your family safe from mold, mildew, common viruses, bacteria, and more with our effective yet unobtrusive system. For future moves, new additions to the family, recovering after hospital stays, and everything in between, we’re there for it all!

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