Disinfectant Cleaning Services Daytona Beach: 5 Tips for Food Prep Peace of Mind

Disinfectant Cleaning Services Daytona Beach: 5 Tips for Food Prep Peace of Mind

As a restauranteur or food service professional, you know that safe, clean conditions are essential to the food prep process—from the kitchen to the dining room and everywhere in between. Now more than ever, with the COVID-19 crisis and approach of flu season, restaurants are recognizing the need to prioritize safety for their employees and guests alike.

When local restaurants need deep, disinfectant commercial cleaning Ormond Beach and the surrounding area can turn to Sanitized Cleaning Solutions for help. Unlike standard cleaning services, we use the innovative SteraMist® system to thoroughly disinfect and deactivate viruses like the common cold and, of course, COVID-19. And that’s just the beginning of how we can serve your food service needs. Just read on to learn more.

Provide peace of mind for your team and guests alike

The unique nature of the food service industry calls for a sanitizing solution that address its varied needs, such as the presence of viruses and bacteria in areas ranging from kitchens and storage closets, to lobbies, tables and booths, food trucks and so many more. Above all, you need a disinfectant method that’s strong enough to achieve a pristine clean in the kitchen, yet gentle enough to be used around customers as they swing by to dine in or bring home a delicious meal.

Establish a reputation of safety and hygiene excellence

Now more than ever, guests care about the measures being taken by their favorite restaurant to ensure customer safety. From socially distant seating to ramped-up cleaning efforts or new ways to order, you have likely already taken many of these measures. Take another step in this positive direction by thoroughly disinfecting your restaurant with SteraMist®. Not only will this help keep your employees and customers safe, but it will further set you apart from other restaurants—providing an additional benefit for potential guests deciding where to eat (beyond, of course, your delicious menu!).

Stick to “business as usual” (but better)

One of the best parts of bringing SteraMist® to your workplace with the help of Sanitized Cleaning Solutions is how easily the system integrates into your current cleaning routine.

As restaurants like yours return to normal operations, they naturally want to avoid hiccups in the reopening process—fortunately, SteraMist® offers a deep clean without a large effort. Because it uses ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (or iHP™), a non-caustic, chlorine and bleach-free fog, the SteraMist® is safe to use in any food prep or dining environment and doesn’t require additional mops or manpower to clean up after. Simply let your Sanitized Cleaning Solutions team know when you need us, or schedule regular service, and we’ll provide a deep clean you can depend on without interfering with business as usual.

Respond to an outbreak in real time

In addition to providing everyday assurance that your food prep environment is safe and clean, we can also help you respond to outbreaks (or potential outbreaks) in your workplace in real time. When emergencies strike, Sanitized Cleaning Solutions will be there with the power of SteraMist® to safely and efficiently get your business up and running in no time at all.

Beyond COVID-19

By beginning your Sanitized Cleaning Solutions regimen today, your restaurant will get to enjoy benefits that last long beyond the COVID-19 crisis. We will also be at your service for regular cleanings or remediation for everyday kitchen hazards like mold or pesky odors that can prevent your restaurant from being its best.

Keeping your restaurant, café or other culinary establishment clean is good for business and, most importantly, the community. Do your part and help ensure a safe environment for all by starting your own SteraMist® routine with Sanitized Cleaning Solutions! Contact us today to learn more and book your service.

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