Commercial Cleaning: 6 Ways to Keep Daytona Beach FL Senior Care Facilities Sanitized

Commercial Cleaning: 6 Ways to Keep Daytona Beach FL Senior Care Facilities Sanitized

For business owners, keeping a clean and safe workspace is more essential than ever not just because it keeps customers and employees happy, but also because it is crucial for the health of all involved. This is especially evident in senior care facilities, in which this global pandemic has placed an incredible stress on healthcare and well-being. The onus falls on us to protect our communities with stringent hygiene standards and thorough sanitation services, and Sanitized Cleaning Solutions is here to help. Read on for some helpful tips on how to keep your senior care facility safe for all and learn how Daytona Beach cleaning services can assist you.

Thoroughly Re-examine Your Policies

Viruses grow and become stronger with each passing year and it is not just vaccines that should be updated but our cleanliness standards as well. The health of a senior care community hangs in a delicate balance that can be compromised with errors in cleanliness and sanitization. Before doing anything else, make sure to address your pre-existing guidelines so that there is no confusion when it comes to sanitization.

Appoint a Team to Lead by Example

It takes a village to keep a senior care facility safe for its inhabitants, and this is not an endeavor you need to take on alone. Enlist a few key members of your team to act with you as the first point of sanitation, which will provide their other colleagues with an example and initiative while also keeping your staff engaged and motivated. Bacteria and viruses are a common enemy for all, but we have strength in numbers.

Provide an Appropriate Amount of Resources

Maintaining stringent sanitation standards is not possible without readily accessible cleaning supplies. For this reason, it is key to make sure that every room is equipped with hand sanitizer both inside and out, while also being fully stocked with soap, towels, and other cleaning supplies. Train your team to monitor inventory and know where replacements are available before supply is depleted.

Target the Highest Risk Areas

No two senior care facilities are the same, but each one will have its own specific hotspots where bacteria are likelier to exist – whether that be doorknobs, tabletops, railings, and more. Since each community is unique, it is important to research your own living space and find out which areas have a higher traffic of residents or have higher contact with human touch so that your team can be trained to sanitize them with greater frequency.

Build a Culture of Cleanliness

The best way to guarantee a consistently clean environment in your senior care facility is by laying the foundation for a culture of sanitization with your team. When your staff constantly prioritizes health and safety, your community will reap all the benefits. Try utilizing some of the following tips to start building this foundation:

  • Make the process fun with contests, awards, and catchy slogans
  • Stress the importance of a continued emphasis on cleaning
  • Get your team leaders to buy in and lead the way
  • Always look for ways to improve

Enlist the Aid of Professional Sanitation Companies

The best way to ensure that your senior care facility receives a top-notch clean is by contacting a professional team of sanitation experts. At Sanitized Cleaning Solutions, we know that clean, safe surroundings have never been more important, which is why we utilize the most sophisticated and advanced technology to address your needs. Contact us and allow us to help protect the families you serve by providing your senior care facility with the best sanitation services and disinfection solutions.

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