COVID-19 and Flu Season: Preparing for a Potential Double Threat

COVID-19 and Flu Season: Preparing for a Potential Double Threat

While the Sunshine State warmly welcomes fall’s crisp weather and clear skies, the approach of the end of the year also signals the start of flu season—and for a community continuously at work tackling the unprecedented public health crisis of COVID-19, the potential double threat may seem daunting, especially for business owners tasked with keeping their clients, customers and employees safe.

Fortunately, there are measures your business can take to reduce the risk of both COVID-19 and influenza this fall and winter, including disinfectant commercial cleaning Daytona Beach business owners and those in the surrounding area can count on. Take a look below to learn more.   

Follow standard safety procedures for COVID-19

Many of the measures we have been taking to protect against COVID-19 (from donning masks in public places to social distancing, frequent hand-washing and more) fortunately help keep the flu at bay, too.

Get your flu shots

Now is the time to get a flu shot, even if you haven’t done so in recent years. Doing so can help keep your workplace safer, limiting the risk of a virus “double threat” leading to downtime at work or worse, potentially infecting your fellow employees or customers.

Double up on defense

Layers of defense can help bolster your overall safety strategy—so why not disinfect your workplace with a proven solution that kills both the influenza and coronavirus? At Sanitized Cleaning Solutions, we use the revolutionary SteraMist™ system to inactivate these viruses instead of simply displacing them.

This is made possible by one-of-a-kind Binary Ionization Technology®, through which a 7.8% Hydrogen Peroxide solution is ionized and spread as a fine fog through desired cleaning areas. The process leaves behind no residue to wipe away, and is safe and non-toxic for environments of all kinds (including highly frequented places where safety matters most like daycares, doctors’ offices and restaurants).

The experts don’t know exactly what a “double virus” season may look like—but by fortifying your workplace with Sanitized Cleaning Solutions’ effortless disinfectant system, you can brace your business against the unexpected and reduce risks for your team and customers alike.

We hope that today’s guide helps you better prepare your business for the season ahead. With the help of Sanitized Cleaning Solutions and the SteraMist™ system, you can safely disinfect your home or business quickly, and without leaving behind any unwanted residue (making it especially useful for environments with children and pets!). Call us today to learn more about what we can do for your business in the greater Volusia County region.

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