5 Ways to Achieve a Clean, Happy Home for the Holidays

5 Ways to Achieve a Clean, Happy Home for the Holidays

Happy holidays! Here at Sanitized Cleaning Solutions, we hope you are enjoying a fun, festive season with the ones who matter most—and as you make merry memories at home, we’re here to help make it a clean, safe space for you and your loved ones. Read on to see a few of our top tips to consider, including home cleaning services Daytona Beach residents (and those throughout the area) can count on.

De-clutter to make room for family fun and new gifts

'Tis the season to declutter! Now is a great time to clear away old toys, clothes you no longer wear and even old spices and pantry staples. This will not only clear the way for potential new gifts, but will also help you head into the new year with a fresh, clean, clutter-free slate.

Clean in new corners

With the arrival of the holidays, there are entirely new areas to add to your cleaning list - so be sure to check on easy-to-miss corners and crannies, such as the space under your tree where you'll want to check for pine needles and dust.

Ensure a clean, safe space that goes beyond what you can see

Of course, even the most careful eye can miss some things. Go beyond visual clutter and deep-clean away bacteria, viruses (included the flu and COVID-19), mold, mildew and certain allergens, too. This will help make your space safer and cleaner for the entire family, this holiday season and beyond! Sanitized Cleaning Solutions, with the help of the innovative SteraMist system, can help ensure total peace of mind with our approach.

Don't worry about clearing away any cleaning residue - the SteraMist's fine mist leaves nothing behind, making it a safe, sound option for kids, pets and everyone in the family. This is also a smart solution for those renting (or renting out) vacation rentals this holiday season, as you can ensure an effortless clean between guests. 

Safely store holiday goodies

With so many delicious flavors and aromas filling your home this holiday season, be sure to safely store sweets and goodies! Airtight containers are your friend, as they can keep your counters clean from crumbs and pests. Store all sweets, especially chocolate, out of reach from your four-legged friend, too. Meanwhile, double check that your holiday spices and pantry essentials are all within their expiration dates.

Clean as you go

The holiday hustle-and-bustle can leave little time for cleaning in between movie nights and baking sessions! Let Sanitized Cleaning Solutions help with a stress-free clean you can count on, and take care of small cleaning tasks (think a quick dresser dusting, counter wipe-downs, etc.) so that you don't need to dedicate a day (or weekend) to a deeper clean later on.

We hope that these ideas help you plan a safe, happy holiday season! Contact Sanitized Cleaning Solutions to book your holiday service today.

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