5 Easy Ways to Deep-Clean Your Home This Summer

5 Easy Ways to Deep-Clean Your Home This Summer

Spending more time outdoors? Welcoming extended family into your home, or perhaps moving into a new home altogether? Whatever your summer activities may look like, one thing is for sure: You deserve a deep-cleaned space, where you can breathe easy with total peace of mind.

Just read on for a few top tips for deep-cleaning your space this summer.

Sanitize with SteraMist for ultimate peace of mind

“Deep clean” and “simple” don’t seem to go hand in hand—but did you know that one of the best ways to deep-clean your home is actually pretty effortless? As your local go-to home sanitization service, we here at Sanitized Cleaning Solutions use the one-of-a-kind ionization technology of SteraMist® to completely kill bacteria, as well as viruses including COVID-19 and other common germs, with a non-toxic mist that doesn’t leave behind any residue to wipe up. It is safe for children, pets and those recovering from hospital stays, too—and because it is such a quick, convenient system, you can enjoy the benefits of a deep clean without devoting an entire day to doing it yourself!

SteraMist® can also help with other aspects of deep cleaning that usually require some elbow grease (if not additional services altogether!). Dealing with mold or mildew, exacerbated by a muggy summer? We can help remediate this, too, for healthy, fresh air throughout the home.

Declutter for a fresh start

Once you’ve achieved a clean canvas, declutter for a fresh start! Now is a great time to donate summer clothes of years’ past, old toys or other items you no longer need. We’re all spending some more time at home, after all, so there’s never been a better time to take stock of what you have and what you can do without.

Remember your outdoor spaces, too

If you’ve been spending more time outdoors this summer, you know the importance of a beautiful patio and backyard! Continue your deep cleaning efforts in these spaces, too, by sweeping away and leaves and seeds from your outdoor entertaining space; wiping down dirty surfaces regularly; and, when possible, positioning patio furniture away from overhanging trees that tend to “litter.”

Consider easy-to-miss corners

Deep cleaning is all about reaching those easy-to-miss corners and crannies you might overlook on your everyday cleanup. Some commonly missed areas include:

  • The floor beneath your oven, fridge and kitchen cabinets
  • Sink faucets
  • Computer keyboards and other technology (Tip: SteraMist® is safe for use on technology, so don’t leave this detail to just any cleaner!)
  • Corners behind doors

Prep for fall fun

With fall right around the corner—and the holidays coming soon after—now is a great time to address any seasonal décor you may have. Clearly marked (or better yet, color-coded) containers for each holiday or season can help make your garage or storage space that much easier to navigate, year after year.

We hope that these tips help you enjoy a clean, comfortable home this summer and all year long! Contact Sanitized Cleaning Solutions today for a deep clean powered by the innovative, pet- and children-friendly SteraMist® system. We look forward to working with you soon.

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